I take great pride and joy for being part of St. Erin Raha Mixed Secondary School fraternity and especially during this time of launching our website connectivity.


The need to have formal education, create awareness and up lift the living standard of the people living in a remote , semi arid part of Migori District led to establishment of St. Erin Raha Secondary School in the year 2000 under the leadership of the then area chief Mr. Moses Otieno Maengo.


The chief mobilized the community members in clearing a virgin rocky area to give room for the establishment of the school. Due to the dire need of a secondary school, the community both young and old, women and men volunteered free labour for the construction of the initial four class rooms.



The school was named St. Erin in honour of a U.S. peace corp. Volunteer (Miss Erin Cornis) who, while on a tour of the division got impressed with the work that have been done so far by the community and assisted to do the roofing of the four classrooms. Raha is the name of the will on which the school is situated.


The school started off with only ten student and two volunteer teachers. Today the school boasts of having student population of 260, ten teachers and 6 non teaching staff.


Out of the ten teachers, only five are government employees while the rest are paid by parents, a situation which has really over burdened the already burdened parents.


I want to take this opportunity to thank the school Board of Governors under the chairmanship of Mr. Alfayo Odette and Mr. Martin Obiero for having been focused on the development, which has enabled us to put up science laboratory through still ill equipment, two classrooms and principal house.


As a learning institution we strive to provide the best to our human resource to enable us full till our motto, vision and mission for the betterment of the community, nation and the world at large.






MEMBERSHIP OF BOARD Mr. Martin Obiero Were - Chairman

Mr. Samnwel Ochieng - Secretary /Principal

Mr. Alfayo Odette - Member

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