The school is under the sponsorship of the District Education Board (D.E.B)

However, the school is still lacking quite number of basic facilities to enable us fulfill all these. Some of the facilities we still lack are the following:-

1. Tuition facilities.

The school is expanding and has over stretched, the tuition facilities, which have resulted into over crowding in our classes. We are therefore in dire need of two more classrooms next year.

2. Lockers & chairs.

We don’t have a enough lockers & chairs and our students (forms 1 & 2) are still using desks and benches. 

3. Science laboratory.


As a school offering three pure sciences, the only one laboratory we have is not enough to take care of all the science subjects and this has led to poor performance in sciences.

4. Teachers’ houses.


Being a school in a remote semi-arid part of Migori District, the school lacks teachers’ houses, and teachers therefore travel long distance of 20kms to school. By the time they reach school; they are exhausted to carry out their duties effectively.

5. Water supply.

This is a major problem we have, as the nearest seasonal spring is six kilometers away. We have therefore recommended the drilling of bore holes and wells in the compound but funds have proved difficult to come by.

A part from the economic, we also face social challenges that impact negatively on the provision of quality education such as:

  1. Cultural practices

Cultural practices such as circumcision which target school going age, lead to cronic absentism as they can stay out from school for even one month while conducting celebration / ceremonies related to the practice.

  1. Early marriage.

Education has not been fully embraced in the community and young boys and girls have resorted to early marriage, and this is the major cause of school drop out in the area.

  1. Drug and substance abuse.

This has resulted into wastage of some of the bright students as they drop out under the influence of drug.

As a school we have tried to create awareness amongst the student’s body by inviting guest speakers to talk to them on the danger of all these social practices.

We have also extended the same campaign to the community through chief Baraza and tuneral. The basis of our campaign is derived from our school motto: “knowledge is power”.

That an educated person is more productive and has the power of reasoning for the prosperity of the community.

However, in order to fulfill and accomplish our motto vision and mission. I would wish to put a very humble and kind request to well wishes, donors, and others stake holders to assist the school in putting up the following.

  1. More classrooms

  2. Two science laboratory

  3. Administration block

  4. Permanent source of water / water tanks.

  5. Six twin teachers’ houses.

  6. Two hundred lockers and chairs.

  7. Two dormitories

In conclusion I would wish to say that as a school we are committed to provide quality education to the youth of this nation. Kindly assist us in our pursuit to achieve this important goal.

Samuel Otieno Ochieng

Principal / B.O.G. Secretary.






MEMBERSHIP OF BOARD Mr. Martin Obiero Were - Chairman

Mr. Samnwel Ochieng - Secretary /Principal

Mr. Alfayo Odette - Member

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